If you are wondering if assisted living facilities are furnished, most are furnished, but they also encourage the seniors to bring some personal belongings, so they can personalize their rooms.

There are also options for seniors to move into an unfurnished apartment so that they can bring their furniture to the retirement home.

When you are choosing an assisted living home, you can decide if you want a furnished assisted living home, or if you want an unfurnished apartment.

Furnishing Your Assisted Living Apartment

If you are going to move into an unfurnished assisted living apartment, it is important to know what to bring, you do not want to clutter the apartment with large furniture.

When you are moving into an unfurnished assisted living apartment it is the best time to pick your favorite pieces of furniture, or you can buy new furniture.

The essentials that you will need are a bed and living room furniture. If your bed is old, it might be time to buy a new one, or if you need a different type of bed due to medical conditions, it might be the right time to get it.

Are assisted living homes furnished
Choose between furnished and unfurnished assisted living apartments

Simplify Your Furnishing

You must not take every piece of furniture that you own to your assisted living apartment, and you must not clutter the floor plan, as this can be a safety concern, and also create trip hazards.

Do not bring any oversized furniture, you should not bring large china cabinets, large entertainment centers, or large dining room tables. It would be best to donate them, give them to the family, or sell them.

A study by the Center for Disease Control found that 73% of all assisted living facilities encourage their residents to bring large their own furniture into the facility.

Assisted living is important for seniors who want to still be as independent as possible, but they will need some help with their daily activities.

Assisted Living Apartment Floor Plans

Make sure you know the floor plan of your unfurnished assisted living apartment, so then you will know what will fit. You might need to measure the furniture that you want to bring, to make sure it will fit.

Do not squeeze as much furniture as you can into the apartment, it is better to have no clutter, make sure that the apartment will have enough space to move around in.

Most senior living facilities proved a dining room, for communal dining, which is a great time to socialize and make new friends, so you will not need to bring your dining table.

If you are interested in a luxury assisted living facility, they will provide you with a hotel-style assisted living community, these are considered to be high-end and very expensive.

Furnished Assisted Living Apartments

Furnished senior assisted living apartments, can be the best way to go, as you know that all of the furniture is designed to fit correctly into the senior apartment. Our partners have furnished assisted living homes in Texas, and all over the nation.

If a medical bed is needed, the home will provide it. Also, the homes use space planners, so every aspect of the apartment is designed with seniors in mind.

No trip hazards, as this is a major problem for seniors who still live in their own homes, and in many cases, a senior can suffer serious brain damage from these types of falls.

With furnished assisted living, you do not need to coordinate the movers or decide what to take. All you need to do is to bring your clothes, and some items to personalize your apartment.

If you have more questions on what would be the best fit for you, unfurnished or furnished, contact Loving Assisted Living, and let us help you find the right senior living apartment and community for you.

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