Only one-third of all seniors who qualify for Department of Veteran Affairs benefits apply for assisted living and veteran benefits.

Assisted living homes can help a loved one who needs help with their daily activities, such as bathing, tilting, or getting dressed.

Veterans aid programs do provide surviving veterans and their families extra financial help on top of their basic pension.

Your VA benefits can help you to cover the costs of assisted living homes, so it is important to know if you will be able to qualify for them.

VA Benefits For Assisted Living

Your VA benefits may help you to pay for your loved ones assisted living costs. All services that an assisted living community offers are typically covered by the Veterans Health Administration, Armed Forces Retirement Home or the State Veterans Home, these are similar to assisted living services.

You might be wondering if you can use VA benefits for assisted living, and the answer is yes you can. Veterans and surviving spouses can use their VA pension.

Aid and attendance benefits can be used to help to pay for assisted living, it will not pay for everything, but it will help with some of the costs.

The average monthly cost for an assisted living home is about $4,500, the VA will not pay the money directly to the assisted living home, but they will add it to your benefits.

The cost of assisted living will also vary from state to state, and depending on the type of care that your loved one needs, it will also affect the pricing, if memory care is required, it will become more expensive.

assisted living and Veteran benefits
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Qualifications for Veteran Benefits For Assisted Living Homes

To qualify for VA Pension, a veteran or a surviving spouse must qualify with these eligibility factors, an honorable discharge, must be 65 or older, or permanently disabled, and at least 90 days of active duty,  and a minimum income set by the VA.

A veteran or a spouse must also require help with their daily activities, be in a nursing home, or a memory care facility, be bedridden or have severe eyesight issues.

How Much Veteran Benefits Pay For Assisted Living

The amount of money that the VA will pay, all depends on the income of the applicant. The maximum monthly amount for a single veteran is $1,937, for a veteran plus the spouse is $2,296, for two married veterans it is $3,072, and for a surviving spouse with no dependents, it is $1,245.

Help With VA Benefits

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If you need a VA consultant, you can contact Patriot Angeles, who are experts on all veteran benefits.

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