There is no doubt about the fact that long-term care options for elder people have been available more than ever. But deciding which is the best option out of all can be a bit confusing and leave you feeling stranded. To decide which the best level of care is, you need to understand your circumstances of yours and then take any decision. 

However, between the two options of best-assisted living and nursing homes, it can be a tough fight because both of them have their own advantages. However, the difference between the both will help you make the right choice. 

The difference between assisted living and nursing homes 

Assisted living is known to be offering a home-like environment whereas nursing homes are known as skilled nursing facilities that have medical environments. 

To understand better, here are the main differences between assisted living and nursing homes: 

  • Medical services – In assisted living, the residents can have access to various medical services depending on their needs like doctor appointments, taking special medicines and care, etc. Whereas, in nursing homes, medical care is offered 24/7 and the nursing staff takes care of the residents with chronic illnesses. Also, rehabilitative services are offered to the residents. 
  • Living space – The residents living in assisted living in Palm Desert are known to be living in individual or shared apartments that have kitchens, living rooms, etc. Plus, some facilities have furnished spaces for better comfort. Whereas, nursing homes have individual or shared rooms that have en-suite bathrooms. 
  • Daily activities – In case the residents living in assisted living in Palm Desert need help with daily activities like bathing, dressing up, housekeeping, etc. then it is offered by them. But the residents living in nursing homes need extensive care and help with daily activities. 
  • Nutritional food – There is a liberty to cook or eat food in the community dining rooms of assisted living. The meal services offered to the residents are given for a fee and the dining rooms are open 24/7. Whereas, in nursing homes, dieticians prepare meals for everyone depending on their medical condition. 
  • Cost – There is a huge difference between the cost of assisted living and nursing homes. Nursing homes cost double that of assisted living. Thus, the cost plays a major role when selecting one of them. 

What to choose between assisted living and nursing homes? 

Choosing between assisted living and nursing homes depends on the health and the need for help the resident. Here are a few questions which you can ask yourself while selecting between them: 

  • How much help do you need with daily activities? 
  • Do you have serious medical issues? 
  • Can you prepare your meals? 
  • How much can you pay for the facility? 


If you are someone who is looking to live independently but it should be cost-effective then assisted living in Palm Desert will be the right choice for you. But if you are someone who needs special medical care then a nursing home will be the right choice. 

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