Most seniors who still live in their own homes, want to retire in them according to the Federal Housing Administration, for seniors their homes need to be made safe for senior living.

To prevent falls making their home senior-friendly is important for them to age at home, with home care services, they can remain in their homes for longer, and see out the rest of their days living there, or moving them to an assisted living facility.

Making Homes Safe For Seniors

Creating a safe home for seniors is an important way to prevent them from falling. Falls are the biggest problem for seniors, and it is the biggest cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries to all seniors.

Falling can also cause head injuries, that they may never recover from, accelerating their dementia, and never recovering their cognitive abilities.

Senior bones are easily broken with falling, as they have decreased bone density, and physically seniors have a hard time recovering, this might be the right time to consider an assisted living facility.

Also, the medical cost can be very expensive, the average cost of hospitalization and rehabilitation is about $30,000, so it is important to reduce the chances of falling, and keep seniors safe in their own homes.

Safety Tips To Reduce Falls

Removing trip hazards, such as area rugs, electrical cords, ottomans, and low tables, are all items that are dangerous for seniors, and cause falls.

Preparing the home for a senior, there need to be nonslip rugs, and make sure all wires and cords are not exposed. If there are children in the house, it is important not to leave toys on the floor.

Grab bars in their bathroom, the bathrooms are very dangerous for seniors, and it is the most commonplace that falls occur. These falls are avoidable by installing grab bars in the bathroom.

Seniors need accessible seating, this will help them with their daily activities, such as putting on their shoes, a kitchen stool, or a shower stool, s they can continue to live independently.

Raised flooring in between rooms is a major trip hazard, flattening out the thresholds, will make them easier to cross. Or you can add ramps and handrails to make it safer for them.

Also make sure that in the driveway there are no cracks that they can trip on, or that the pathway to the mailbox is safe for them and there are no trip hazards for them.

Home safety devices for seniors
Home safety devices for seniors

Technology And Home Safety For Seniors

Technology can help to promote home safety for seniors, there are plenty of easy-to-use devices that can help your loved one, they can reduce fall risks, help you to manage their medication, and can also help them when there is an emergency.

Wearable medical alert systems such as LifeAlert will help to keep seniors safer in their homes. The devices have easy buttons to push for emergency help, and some wearable devices even have fall detection.

Cell phones can help keep your loved one connected, but did you know that some senior cell phone companies have emergency networks and GPS, there are a few companies out there like Jitterbug, who cater to seniors.

Voice-activated smart home devices such as Alexa can be helpful for medication reminders, plus they can also provide great entertainment for them. They can listen to their favorite music, the news, or even a podcast.

If your loved one is suffering from dementia, wandering can become an issue, so GPS devices can also be a great way to help to keep them safe.

Home Safty Checklist

It is important to have a home safety checklist and make sure that the maintenance is up to date. Make that all of the smoke detectors are working, it is best if the smoke detectors are also carbon monoxide detectors too.

Make sure the home has a couple of fire extinguishers, check to see if all bath mats are nonslip, make sure that all towel racks are secure as well as all door handles.

Check to see that all of the doors lock properly, check all light bulbs, replace the ones that need replacing with smart lightbulbs, all of these items need to be consistently maintained.

Home Safety With Dementia

Seniors with dementia are able to stay in their homes, but they will require full-time care, and you will need to take extra precautions in the home to prevent wandering.

It is important that all ovens, stoves, and fireplaces have auto shut-off valves so that they cannot be left on accidentally. Garbage disposals should have finger guards.

Cabinets with knives, medications and cleaning supplies should all be locked in a secure place. Putting deadbolts on all doors that lead outside, will prevent wandering.

Remove the locks on all bathrooms, and their bedroom, so that they cannot accidentally lock themself in. Make sure that the home is well lit, some motion lights are helpful.

Sometimes memory care homes are better suited for seniors with dementia, seniors with dementia, do require lots of attention, and sometimes it is better to have a professional environment to best take care of your loved one, and slow down dementia.

Hire An Expert For Home Safety Inspections

If you are not sure what you should adapt in the home to make it safe, you can always hire a home safety expert, the home safety expert will check out all risk factors from the driveway to the bathrooms.

They will give recommendations for the bathrooms, kitchen, staircases, and steps. they will look for all potential fall hazards, fire hazards.

They will discuss door widening, stairlifts, and wheelchair ramps, they can help you to make the home senior-friendly, so you can eliminate the hazards for your loved one.

Conclusion For Seniors To Age At Home

If your loved one is going to stay in their home, it is very important to make all of the appropriate adjustments to their home, it will help to keep them safe.

Here at Loving Assisted Living we always do our best to provide you with the most informative information, if you feel the time is right for your loved one to move into an assisted living home, let us help you to find the best home for them.

Contact us today, we have a large network of referral seniors care homes, and we will be able to help you to find the best senior home for you and your loved one.

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