There is no federal government department that regulates assisted living facilities, unlike nursing homes which are regulated by the National Nursing Home from Medicare.

Assisted living homes are regulated at the state level and not the national federal government level. We will show you who regulates assisted living and memory care homes.

We will show you how to check if they have violations if they are licensed and to see their inspection reports of all senior living facilities state by state.

Who Regulates Assisted Living Facilities?

The state health department or social services office regulates assisted living communities,  as no federal government regulates them.

Senior assisted living locations like residential care homes, personal care homes, board, and care homes, are all regulated at the state level.

All of these care homes are set up in a home-like setting and have fewer residents than the larger assisted living communities.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is a federal agency that regulates and rates nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities.

Are Assisted Living Facilities Regulated?

People often ask are assisted living facilities regulated? Yes, all assisted living homes are regulated, they are all regulated at the state level.


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Regulations For Assisted Living Facility?

Not all the regulations are the same, and they may be different from state to state, but generally speaking, they all have the same regulations.

All assisted living communities will have an agreement, letting the senior and the loved ones the cost of the home, and how much they will pay.

there will also be admission and retention policies that are based on the needs and what the senior will be receiving.

A full description of what type of support services the senior will be receiving, in full detail. there will be the provision of medication, laying out who will be giving the medication to the senior.

The number of meals that will be provided, and if there are any dietary restrictions.

In the agreement, it will also disclose the staff requirements, including education, background checks, and training.

Also, it will talk about the apartment size, and roommate rules. Just so you will know what to expect when your loved one is moving into a retirement community.

Who Regulates Memory Care Facilities?

Memory care facilities are also regulated at the state level, and the state will have different requirements for people who take care of seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The basic requirements will cover how the apartments are set up, how many staff they have to residents, staff training, and behavior management.

There is a special care form for memory care companies to fill out to let them know that they will comply with these things.

Do Assisted Living Facilities Need A License?

All assisted living and memory care facilities must have a license to operate, and they will get it from the state.

Each community will be inspected yearly, but if someone has filed a complaint, they will be inspected a bit more frequently.

When the facilities are inspected, all violations will be noted, and each violation will need to be corrected within a timeline.

The state can suspend or even revoke a license if there is a failure to comply with the violations, and also impose penalties.

In some states, including Michigan and Indiana, a facility may operate legally without a license if it provides a lower level of care or different services than a licensed assisted living facility or a nursing home.

How Do I File A Complaint About Assisted Living Home?

There are three ways for you to file a complaint against a senior care home if you think that there has been elder abuse, neglect, or you feel the home is not following the state rules and regulations.

  1. File a complaint with the care ombudsman who is an advocate of nursing home and assisted living facility residents. They research and resolve problems and file complaints to the agency in charge of licensure.
  2. The Adult Protective Services Agency in your state is another way to file a complaint. Here is a map of APS agencies by the state that provides the information that you will need.
  3. State agencies in charge of regulating assisted living communities may also handle complaints.

We hope this article has been helpful and we hope that you do not need to file complaints about your senior living facility.

Loving Assisted Living is a referral agency, and we only work with homes that are in full compliance and licensed by the state.

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