The pandemic has changed the world, it has changed how everyone lives, and going to public places, many people will still wear masks assisted living is changing with the times.

The pandemic has changed assisted living, and all the facilities have had to adapt and adjust how they operate their facilities.

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Assisted Living And The Pandemic

Assisted living has changed since the pandemic started, and assisted living facilities know the importance of the well-being of seniors, and how important socialization, TeleHealth, and activities are.

With Covid 19 it showed the dangers of seniors living alone in their homes and the dangers that they faced every day.

Many seniors were left isolated, without the ability to see any family or friends, and no socialization, this would cause many seniors to become depressed.

The effects of their social isolation would have a detrimental effect on their mental health. Within senior living communities, they are amenity-rich, with plenty of social interaction, and plenty of activities.

Seniors who live in assisted living and memory care communities can expect to enjoy multiple different activities, bingo, screening rooms, art shows, beauty salons, musical events, and pet therapy.

They will also offer stimulating lecture series, live music, art classes, and social happy hours. Seniors can expect a full social life in an assisted living community.

For senior cognitive health, it is important to participate in these types of activities, plus it gives the seniors a full and fulfilling life.

For senior cognitive health, assisted living communities will also provide intelligently rich programs, with mindfulness classes, meditation classes, gardening classes, writing classes, and book clubs too.

Telemedicine And Assisted Living

With Covid 19 the emergency rooms were all filled with Covid 19  cases, the no  Covid cases were not able to visit the hospitals.

The use of such companies as TeleHealth help to keep all seniors safe and healthy, these types of telemedicine systems can provide virtual off-site hospital and doctor visits.

Telemedicine can reduce the number of emergency room visits, and can help all seniors with health risks and stress.

In assisted living facilities TeleHealth can be operated by the nurses on the staff, the system offers on-site testing and high-tech systems.

These types of systems offer patients to have remote access to the best doctors, from any location, without having to visit the doctor’s office or hospital.

assisted living changing with the times
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Will Assisted Living Residents Get Vaccinated?

All residents are strongly recommended to get vaccinated by the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention.

With the care of older adults, some will have underlying health conditions, and living in a community, all the residents will be required to be fully vaccinated and boosted.

With the seniors living in an assisted living facility, if they are not vaccinated the spread of Covid 19 can spread more easily within the community, so everyone needs to be vaccinated.

Technology In Assisted Living Facilities

As the world becomes more technically advanced, seniors are streaming more movies, and shows, or they are active on social media, and there is a greater need for assisted living communities to expand their bandwidth.

All common areas will all have high-definition televisions, technology is becoming more important to the baby boomer generation as they age, and progress into assisted living homes.

Up To Date, Senior Assisted Living Facilities

Most senior assisted living homes are becoming more up to date, the large new hotel-style assisted living communities, will have all the latest technology.

They will have the best nutrition for seniors, as well as the best physical therapy, and cognitive therapy for seniors who need memory care.

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