Assisted living is for seniors who want to maintain their independence, in a home-like setting or community. Assisted living homes can have individual apartments, shared apartments, individual rooms, and shared rooms, it will depend on what is best for the senior.

Differences Between Assisted Living And Nursing Homes

Assisted living facilities are designed to have more of a home-like feel to them, whereas nursing homes are in a clinical setting, and the level of care for seniors in a nursing home is greater.

Seniors in assisted living homes are able to still take care of them selfs, but they still might need a little help with their daily activities.

For seniors who need nursing homes, they require a higher level of assistance, seniors in nursing homes usually require a more complex level of clinical care.

how does assisted living work
How does assisted living work?

When Is it Time For Assisted Living?

There are many reasons why moving into an assisted living home is right for you, but mainly when it is no longer safe to be living alone.

When accidents are happening, and falling is one of the most common accidents for seniors, assisted living homes are designed to minimize any trip hazards.

If the senior is starting to suffer from dementia, multiple accidents can happen, as they have a lake of awareness.

Personal Care

With assisted living, there is greater attention to personal care, seniors are monitored, and given the help that they need.


With assisted living facilities, there are social activities, and loneliness can become a problem, as many friends have passed on. Or there is no longer any companionship, life can become lonely, but in assisted living, there are social activities, so life can become fun again.

How To Pay For Assisted Living

Assisted living is usually paid for by the individual’s family, as they are usually private pay or out-of-pocket expenses.

The costs of assisted living will be affected by the level of care that is required, and the quality of the assisted living home.

Some long-term care insurance policies will help to pay for assisted living, and policies that have home care in the policy can be used for assisted living.

Insurance And Assisted Living

If the policy has a facility only, can also be used for paying for assisted living facilities. Veteran aid and pensions can be used to pay for assisted living

Life insurance can also help with paying for assisted living, your insurance provider can repurchase the policy at 50% to 75% of the value of the policy.

Or you can sell the life insurance and get a life settlement or a senior settlement, so you can use the money to pay for your assisted living needs.

Some assisted living facilities will take Medicaid, but not all will take it, and Medicaid will only party for part of the assisted living care.

How Does Assisted Living Work?

Many people are aware of assisted living, but want to know how assisted living works?  We hope we have told you the differences between assisted living and the other types of elder care homes.

If assisted living is right for you, contact Loving Assisted Living, and we will help you to find the right home for your loved one and take all of the confusion out of choosing the right home.

We have one of the largest referral networks in the nation with multiple locations, and we can help you to find a senior care home for your loved one.


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