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    If searching for assisted living in St Petersburg Florida, then we are here to help you. We have a large referral network. We help you to find the right home for your loved one.

    Finding a retirement home in St Petersburg looks confusing, and difficult to know which home will consider the best. What home will have the care required for your loved one?

    With Loving Assisted Living, we are here with you to guide you through the process. Finding out what type of senior living home that looking for is what we do.

    Assisted Living St Petersburg FL

    If looking to find a memory care home in St Petersburg, we have options for you. All of the memory care activities help with the cognatic decline and reduce anxiety.

    Important to choose a home that not only feels right but that they also have the therapies that require to improve the quality of life.

    assisted living St Petersburg Fl
    The best assisted living in St Petersburg Florida

    Learn More About Assisted Living in St. Petersburg FL

    If looking for lots of sun with great beaches and wonderful ocean views. Finding a senior living community in St Petersburg Florida is a wonderful option.

    If your loved one wants to have plenty of warm weather and lots of sun. Getting an assisted living home in St Petersburg Fl is the place to be.

    St Petersburg is located between the Gulf of Mexico and Tama Bay, and it holds the record of 768 consecutive days of sunshine.

    Assisted Living Communities In St Petersburg Florida

    Assisted living communities in St Petersburg Florida, do provide personal care services in a residential setting, from individual apartments to shared rooms.

    These senior care homes offer restaurant-style dining and multiple activities, that are based on the interests and needs of the residents.

    Communities are designed to promote as much independence as possible, these communities are designed for seniors who do not need 24-hour skilled nursing care.

    Assisted living in St Petersburg Florida, is a great option for seniors who need some help with their daily activities, but who like to still live an independent life, with plenty of activities, and still have a social life.

    Cost of Assisted Living in St. Petersburg FL

    The monthly cost of assisted living in St. Petersburg is about $3,200 and in the center of the city is about $3,600. The average monthly cost of assisted living in Florida is around $3,700.

    Contact us today, we are here to walk you through the whole process and find your loved one, the home that they will be best suited to.

    All of our partner communities are licensed by the State. We can also help you in Miami, Bradenton, St Louis, and Gainesville.

    About St Petersburg Florida

    St. Petersburg is a city in Pinellas County, Florida. The population is about 300,000 people living there, making it the 5th-most populous city in Florida, and the 2nd-largest city in the Tampa Bay Area, after Tampa.

    Along with Clearwater, these cities are part of the Tampa–St. Petersburg–Clearwater Metropolitan Statistical Area, the second-largest in Florida with a population of around 2.8 million.

    St. Petersburg is located on the Pinellas peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and is connected to mainland Florida to the north.

    Assisted Living Activities

    Seniors who are seeking assistance normally need help with at least two everyday tasks. Studies show residents the most common needs are:

    • 64% need help with bathing
    • 57% need help with walking
    • 48% need help with dressing
    • 40% need help with toileting
    • 29% need help with bed transfer
    • 19% need help with eating

    Assisted Living Community

    Assisted living communities are similar to independent living communities, our assisted living communities provide the same type of social and lifestyle benefits.

    We also offer our senior residents specially designed programs and opportunities for assisted living residents.