If you are interested in resort-style assisted living, here at Loving Assisted Living, we are able to get you the luxury assisted living, with all of the first-class amenities that you are looking for.

With our large network of assisted living facilities, we will help you to find the 5 start hotel-style assisted living that you want. Giving you the high-end assisted living options that you are interested in.

Luxury Assisted Living Activities

The amenities that you can expect to have with luxury assisted living facilities are more than wonderful locations, and hotel-style living, they will offer you different types of activities and entertainment.

With luxury assisted living communities the activities, classes, and entertainment on offer are high-end options as the budgets allow them to provide these services are the higher end of the market.

High-end assisted living communities will offer frequent outings to art galleries, museums, lectures, concerts, sporting events, and other cultural events.

 Beautiful Luxury Assisted Living Locations

Resort-style assisted living will offer you beautiful locations, that are well designed and purpose-built communities, that are well designed inside and out.

Upscale senior communities will have beautiful grounds, that are well manicured, with beautiful gardens, ponds, walking paths, tranquil sitting areas, putting greens, and water features.

Luxury assisted living locations will all have attractive courtyards, outdoor dining, and areas to congregate outdoors, so get fresh air, and socialize.

Mind Stimulation At High-End Assisted Living

Providing the very best mind stimulation in luxury assisted living communities, consistently challenging the mind with problem-solving activities, keeps the mind sharp and strong, and can help to prevent memory loss.

There are different types of brain training software that are professionally designed for the optimum results such as improvememory.org or Cross Train Your Brain, these types of mental activities, help to promote cognitive skills and keep the brain active.

During the aging process, it is important to keep the brain stimulated and working, even if dementia has started, this type of memory care will help to maintain the brain’s function, and these types of software will help to maintain cognitive skills.

Personal Concierge assisted living
Concierge Service at Resort Style Assisted Living

 Concierge Service at Resort Style Assisted Living

Having concierge service at the luxury assisted living community will provide the resort-style experience that seniors can enjoy. This service is not offered at a regular assisted living home.

Concierge service does set luxury assisted living communities apart from the rest, this type of concierge service is similar to hotel concierge service.

Seniors can ask the concierge to arrange tickets, concerts, flights, restaurants, or any other amenities that they would want this hotel-style concierge will provide the first-class experience that they are looking for.

First Class Therapy in Hotel Style Assisted Living

With luxury assisted living you will get the very best personal care, and you will get the top-of-the-line therapy that you would expect.

Luxury assisted living communities provide the very best pet therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and snoezelen therapy, all the best-certified professionals, so you can expect the best service.

Environmentally Friendly Assisted Living

Most high-end assisted living communities, they are being built and run with environmentally-conscious purchasing decisions. From construction and materials to the purchasing for all of the supplies, being an environmentally friendly community is how they are designed and run.

 Assisted Living Apartments With Full Kitchens

High-end assisted living communities will provide full kitchens in most of their apartments.  Some of the finished in the luxury assisted living apartments, you will find granite countertops or marble countertops, with high-end appliances.

They will all be designed tastefully but also designed for senior living, so their layout will be senior-friendly and will be fully furnished.

Gourmet Dining With Luxury Senior Living

Luxury high-end senior retirement communities pride themselves on the high-end top quality certified chefs that they have. They also have registered dieticians to help to design the gourmet menus.

Some super high-end assisted living communities will even have two restaurants within the community, to provide more variety and different options for every meal.

Hiring award-winning chefs, to make sure that the options and the quality that the seniors have for their meals will be top-end restaurant meals, that they will have for every meal.

 Personal Trainers and Recreational Facilities With High-End Assisted Living

High-end senior communities will have different recreational rooms, they will have different fitness rooms, yoga studios, dance studios, cinemas, computer labs to provide the latest technologies and activities.

Luxury assisted living communities will have personal trainers, physical therapists to help design personal fitness programs designed especially for senior health.

With high-end senior retirement communities, they will provide one on one fitness, fitness classes, and work on senior balance-specific programs to improve overall balance.

Luxury assisted living will have beauty salons, barbershops, manicure pedicures, and spa treatments. They will also have heated swimming pools and spas.

High-end assisted living communities also provide full-service beauty salons, barbershops for men, and spa treatments. Furthermore, no luxury assisted living community would be complete without a heated pool and spa, which are always popular with residents.

Pet-friendly Senior Communities

Many assisted living communities now are allowing residents to have their own pets with them, but there are some limitations on what types of animals and how many pets.

Most assisted living communities will provide pet therapy to all of their residents, but luxury assisted living communities to allow its resident to have their four-legged friends to live with them.

Large Apartments With First Class Assisted Living

Apartments in luxury assisted living communities are about 20% larger than the standard assisted living communities, all of the apartments will all have higher ceilings, for a more spacious living experience.

Here is Loving Assisted Living we are here to help you to find the right luxury assisted living community for you, we will take out all of the guesswork for you.

We will refer you to the best assisted living community for you, and provide you with the luxury service that you have come to expect in your life. Contact us today, we will find you the community that is best for you.


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