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What Is A Nursing Home?

A nursing home is also referred to as a skilled nursing home or a convalescent home, and they hey help anyone who needs preventative, therapeutic, and rehabilitative nursing care.

Nursing homes provide 24-hour care in a residential setting, but for people who do not need hospitalization, but cannot get the care they need at home.

Some nursing homes are set up like a hospital with staff members providing medical care. Nursing homes can also provide a variety of other services.

Some of the other services include physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. There are two different levels of care in a nursing home, short-term and long-term care.

How Can I Find A Skilled Nursing Home Near Me?

If you are searching for a skilled nursing home near me, we can help you with the search, we have a large referral network, so we will be able to find you a local skilled nursing home.

Or if you are searching for skilled nursing facilities near me, we know that there are many options to choose from, and we will help you to find the home that is best suited to the needs that you are looking for.

Can I Find Long Term Care Near Me?

When you are searching for long-term care near me, there are plenty of options for you, and that is how we can help you to choose what is best for you.

We will guide you through multiple different long-term care facilities, and make sure that the care that you are looking to receive, will be provided by the home.

Senior nursing homes will provide your loved ones with all the care that they need, and provide a structure in their lives, that will reduce stress.

What Is Short Term Care In A Nursing Home?

Short-term care in a nursing home is when a patient receives care after a surgery or an illness or even an injury.

This type of short-term care is only for a temporary basis, while the patient recovers or completes the rehabilitation in full.

Once they have fully recovered, they will then transition back into their own homes again.

What Is Long Term Care In A Nursing Home?

Long-term care in a nursing home is for seniors who are suffering from chronic illnesses, terminal illnesses, or cognitive disorders.

This type of long-term care is usually designed for the seniors to live the rest of their lives there, as they do require constant care and supervision.

Often you will find that skilled nursing homes are designed to feel more like a home, this is to help the resident relax and to be in a reassuring environment.

When Is The Right Time To Move Into A Nursing Home?

The right time to move your loved one into a nursing home is a difficult decision for you and your loved one to make, but when their safety is at risk with them still living at home, it becomes easier.

Here are some things you should ask yourself if the time is right for a nursing home:

  1. Does your loved one need 24-hour care
  2. Is there a decrease in mobility
  3. Are they not eating well
  4. Does it look like they not taking care of themself physically
  5. Are they not taking their medications
  6. Do they need specialist care
  7. Are they frequently falling down

If the time is right for your loved one to move into a skilled nursing home, because they are having some issues with the above list, it might be the best time to start talking to them about the idea of skilled nursing.

Once your loved one has moved into the nursing home, it is important to visit them, talk to them on the phone, keep the contact, and communicate with them especially when they first move into the home.

What Care Services Are Available In A Nursing Home?

Some skilled nursing homes will have different types of services, but the core services that you will get are as follows.

You will get 24-hour medical supervision, with help with daily activities like bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, getting in and out of bed, these are the basic services that you can expect.

If your loved one is on a respirator or requires physical therapy, occupational therapy, recovering from surgery, or needs ongoing therapy for existing medical care, all of these will be supervised in a skilled nursing home.

Skilled nursing homes do provide 24-hour help from trained and licensed staff with all of the team members for recovery and rehabilitation.

What Is The Difference Between A Nursing Home And Assisted Living?

The difference between a nursing home and assisted living is that nursing homes provide a higher level of medical services and care than assisted living does not.

If your loved one had mental health issues or physical problems, and their conditions do require full-time care, then assisted living is not for them.

Nursing homes are better for seniors that have mobility issues, that require a wheelchair or they have some real cognitive issues, that they get confused about and often wonder, a nursing home is the best place for them.

What Is The Difference Between Skilled Nursing Homes And Home Health Care?

Home health care is the best for a senior who wants to maintain their independence and can age at home without additional 24-hour care. Home care is non-medical care.

Home health care is good for someone who is still independent and that they do not wish to go to an assisted living facility or a nursing home.

How Much Does A Nursing Home Cost?

The average nursing home cost will vary from $3000 to $15,000 per month, depending on the level of care that your loved one needs, also what type of accommodation you would like to have.

There are many factors into the pricing of nursing home expenses, and in general nursing homes are more expensive than assisted living homes.

Nursing home costs are expensive, but for some seniors who need full-time care, it is the best option. The nursing home cost is less expensive than having full-time caregivers at home, and the level of care is higher.

The cost of a nursing home, in the long run, will be more cost-effective than trying to provide this level of care at home.

Nursing Homes
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How Do I Find A Nursing Home Near Me?

With our large network of partner care homes, we can help you in multiple states, so depending on where you live, we will provide you with multiple options.

No matter where you live, we can refer you to the local nursing care near you, we know to provide what you and your loved one needs.
When you are looking for senior living homes, we will help you decide what is the best senior home, and get you the skilled nursing care that your loved one will be the most comfortable in.
Are there local long-term care facilities nearby? People always ask us this, and we are here to refer you to the closest, but it has the be the nursing facilities that best fit your loved one and not the closest nursing location.

Learn More About Nursing Facilities

Nursing Facilities — also called convalescent homes or skilled nursing facilities — are there to help seniors who need 24-hour monitoring, medical assistance, and help with everyday duties.

Our partner homes are designed to promote independence among seniors who require constant nursing care to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) but do not require hospital-level care.

Cost of Nursing Facilities

The median monthly cost of a private room in a nursing facility is about $6,000, and the median monthly cost of a private room in a nursing facility will vary from state to state.

The monthly cost of a  home will also depend on the type of care that your loved one needs. Let us help you find the local nursing home for you.

So on your search for a nursing facility near me, we will refer you to the best homes, so you can get the best full-time nursing for your loved one in a residential setting.

Here is some more information for you about nursing homes.