Pet-friendly assisted living homes, and their benefits can improve the quality of life for senior health and wellness.

There are now many senior living homes that have adopted pet-friendly policies, for seniors to have their four-legged friends with them.

A study by the University of Michigan that up to 50% of all adults from the ages 50 to 80 have a pet. Having a pet will reduce stress, anxiety, and blood pressure, and they provide great companionship and a sense of purpose and responsibility.

Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Homes

 Many retirement homes have adopted the policy of having pet-friendly policies, to accommodate seniors and their pets.

Also the health benefits for the seniors and overall wellness, it has become common for assisted living communities to provide this.

Providing the option for seniors to age alongside their four-legged friends does provide real joy for seniors. With Loving Assisted Living you will find multiple options for you.

Senior Living With Pets

Many senior communities allow pets, also nursing homes and independent living homes allow them. some people think that these senior living communities do not allow pets, but this is not true.

Senior living communities will have rules and regulations for pets, such as they will not permitting undomesticated or exotic animals. Birds and snakes are not allowed.

Certain types of dogs will not be permitted in the senior home, like Pit Bulls. Generally, dogs will need to weigh between 15 to 20 pounds.

Some retirement communities might require that someone is named as the designated pet owner if the senior can no longer take care of the pet. all pets will need to be vaccinated.

Pet friendly assisted living
pet-friendly Loving Assisted Living

Questions To Ask Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Homes

Do you have a pet move-in fee? Is there a pet deposit fee? How much are they?

Are there breed restrictions? Do you have size restrictions?

How many pets are currently living in the community? Are there limits on how many pets can live in the community?

What animals are not allowed in the senior community? What happens when the senior can no longer take care of their pet?

Pet Care Assistance

All senior communities handle pet care differently, some communities with care for the residence pet, while some will ask a family member if the pet becomes ill.

If a senior community does offer the pet care service, it will be an additional fee. But assisted living communities do not offer services from outside vendors.

Pet Therapy With Assisted Living

Pet therapists are often hired by the assisted living home, these pet therapists will bring animals to the community to interact with the seniors.

Pet therapy allows the treatment for the senior, without having to take care of the pet themselves.

This type of pet therapy will help with movement, help the senior feel less isolated, it can lower depression, and also it can reduce stress levels.

Pet Therapy With Memory Care

Some memory care facilities will also use pet therapists, they will be added to the community calendar so that all of the residents can participate.

Pet therapy can help with residents that are non-communicative, the seniors can give the dog treats and give them love, this can help with other memory care activities.

There are ways to slow dementia, but it is progressive, and pet therapy can help with dementia.

Where Can I Find Pet-Friendly Assisted Living Near Me?

If you are searching for pet-friendly assisted living near me, we can help you with that search, and offer you different options within your neighborhood.

Some luxury assisted living communities will also offer pet therapy to their residents, but not all communities will offer it.

Before Taking A Pet Into Assisted Living

Before you consider taking your pet into a senior living home for your loved one, the pet needs to be well trained. The pet can not jump on people or bite people. Of cause, the pet cannot be aggressive.

All dogs should be tested before they go into an assisted living home, there are professional companies, like Canine Good Citizen, to make sure that the dog is safe to move into the senior home.

Also, have a plan if your loved one can no longer take care of the pet, this happens, and usually, the family of the loved one will take care of the pet.

We can help you find pet-friendly senior rehabilitation center options that will help your elderly parent and also their furry friend.

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