It can be a difficult situation to find the best senior living options especially if you or your loved one has a medical condition that demands an immediate move. If you are considering options like Memory Care Homes or assisted living facilities then both of them offer supportive care if you have various health issues that include cognitive impairments. 

However, memory care homes are best suitable for people who have Alzheimer’s and various other types of dementia. They are known to have dementia-friendly staff that is trained in psychological as well as physical effects of cognitive impairments. Whereas, assisted living facilities are meant for people who are slightly fit and require assistance with their daily activities. 

But to understand both of these facilities, here are some prime differences between them: 

  • Staff training – Both of the facilities have similar staff like nurses or nursing assistants. But memory care homes are known to have staff with some additional training as well as experience. The staff required in memory care homes are also known to be continuing their education so that they can understand residents with dementia and their behaviors. Whereas Assisted Living San Francisco facilities have staff that offers residents help with day-to-day activities and doesn’t require them to continue their studies. But they do need proper education and skills to take care of elderly residents. 
  • Specialized activities – The involvement of specialized activities like music therapy can be beneficial in improving the overall health as well as the functioning of the brain. Assisted living facilities are known to have various activities that focus on entertainment. Whereas memory care facilities offer dementia-specific activities that are meant for people with dementia. This allows residents with dementia to be busy as well as involved. 
  • Fine dining – When it comes to fine dining then assisted living facilities offer three meals per day in a social setting or dining room. But memory care homes have a completely different scenario. They offer an environment that respects independence as well as the dignity of people with dementia. Thus, they offer specialized diets to the residents of memory care where they are given various choices. So that residents can have a hold over their diet and can enjoy their meals in a less distracting environment.
  • Specialized environment – Memory care homes are known to have a special environment that is suitable according to the needs and safety as well of the residents without any judgment issues. They also offer various safety precautions like door alarms, one-touch sinks, etc. Whereas, Assisted Living San Francisco facilities do have special environments but less than memory care homes. The assisted living facilities take care of the daily needs of residents and allow them to have a safe living environment. 


It is essential to understand that people who have dementia cannot opt for assisted living facilities. They only require memory care homes. The above-mentioned points define the major difference between the both. Loving Assisted offers great safety to people who are struggling with daily functioning and need extra care. 

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