Do you need a senior rehabilitation center for a loved one? We will show you the different types of options that you have when choosing where to go after your loved one has been discharged from the hospital. Choosing a senior rehabilitation center after hospitalization can be difficult, but we are here to help you.

Choosing the right rehab for the elderly can be difficult because there are a few choices, and if 24-hour care to rehab is needed, it can be done at home, in an assisted living community, or in a Skilled Nursing Home.

What Are Rehabilitation Centers For Seniors?


Most people use senior rehabilitation centers after they have been discharged from a hospital, they are used to help you recover after an injury or a medical procedure. Senior rehabilitation centers are designed to help with pain, and recovery of movement.

The senior rehab center will offer physical therapy to help with mobility, memory care, balance, flexibility, strength, and help to manage the pain.

They will offer occupational therapy to help with daily activities, help with fine motor skills, or even help with how to use adaptive equipment.

Rehabilitation centers for seniors will also help with speech therapy, swallowing, cognitive skills, and even memory problems in accordance with the American Health Care Association.

Elderly Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

If your loved one needs round-the-clock care, then an inpatient rehabilitation center is what you will need, if your loved one is recovering from a serious injury or surgery, the inpatient option will help with the intensive rehab that they need.

Inpatient rehab facilities for seniors will include daily physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy if needed. Senior rehab centers will also offer meals, exercise classes, social activities, as well as providing help with bathing and getting dressed.

With outpatient rehabilitation, the seniors will be living at home, but they will receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

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Getting The Best senior rehabilitation center

Rehabilitation for Elderly Patients

Some senior rehab centers offer both short- and long-term inpatient rehabilitation care options for you, and that will depend on what your loved one will need for their recovery.

With serious surgery or a stroke, your loved one is going to need to be in a rehab center that will provide the 24 7 care that they need. If they have only had a minor surgery, then they may only need to stay in the rehab home for just a short time.

If they have had a stroke, they will need memory care, to help with their cognitive skills, and to help them to recover.

 Skilled Nursing Facilities For Senior Rehab

A skilled nursing home will offer short-term rehabilitation services for seniors who need 24 around-the-clock care for their medical care needs to be met.

These skilled nursing homes have a hospital feel to them offering hospital-style beds and shared rooms. Meals and social services are provided.

Medicare may cover the cost of the skilled nursing home, as long as it is approved by them, and that your loved one goes there within 30 days after their hospital stay. It would be best to check with Medicare to see if they will cover the cost first.

In-home Rehabilitation For Seniors

If in-home senior rehabilitation is what you are looking for, the Home Health Services, are paid by Medicare or your insurance. These home health service professionals who come to your home are licensed and will help with the rehab at home.

Home health therapy may include giving injections, changing bandages, monitoring health, or physical therapy training. This service is only offered a couple of times a week.

Rehabilitation at Assisted Living Communities

An assisted living community can also provide the care needed for your loved one’s rehabilitation, all of the care that you can get in a senior rehabilitation center, or a home care professional, can all be done at an assisted living community.

With 24-hour care assisted living, communities have physical therapy and occupational therapy rooms, and the quality of these services will be as good, if not better.

Get short-term respite care, at one of our referral communities, this might be good for your loved one who has just completed their rehab, but is not quite ready to go home yet.

With Respite care at an assisted living community, it will give you peace of mind that there is around-the-clock care, to help with all needs or emergencies.

Contact us today, we are here to help you and answer all of your questions, and help you choose the best option for your loved ones’ rehabilitation.

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