Finalizing an assisted living in Los Angeles that can meet the needs of your or your aging loved ones can be a daunting task. It requires so much research, discussion, as well as legwork. This is a decision that you cannot make without seeing the community properly. However, a lot of people finalize their assisted living community online which can create a problem for you in the future.

You need to take a proper tour of the community to finalize everything. There are so many points that need to be taken into consideration while touring assisted living community. To avoid making any mistakes and to be well-prepared, here are some simple and effective tips which you should follow while touring assisted living community properly:

  • Narrow down your choices – It is not necessary to tour every assisted living. To be comfortable with your hunt for the best assisted living, firstly narrow down your choices. This will help you know about the unique qualities of every memory care home. Plus, you can avoid unnecessary confusion.
  • Know about the staff-to-resident ratio – Another essential thing that needs to be known is the staff. Try to understand whether they are stressed or overworked or simply enjoying their work. Also, try to know the ratio of staff-to-resident so that the residents can care for themselves well. This is an important observation to consider.
  • Know the staff’s treatment towards residents – This is somehow related to the ratio of staff to residents, try to know the staff’s treatment towards residents. It is important that you should be an unobtrusive observer and understand their behavior when no one is watching.
  • Try to wander around the community – Taking a tour is essential but also you should wander around the assisted living in Los Angeles. Peek into the places and see what the community is like rather than its formal tour. Also, ask the staff members to allow you to wander on your own without any issues.
  • Chat with the residents – This is another important tip that will help you understand the assisted living community in a better way. If the residents will be happy living there then they will be willing to have a chat. Try to ask them questions like:
  • How long they have been living here?
  • Is it pleasant to live here?
  • What activities do they do during the day?
  • Are caregivers nice and friendly?
  • Is it worth the cost?
  • Ask about medical assistance – It is essential to investigate the physical therapists, health care professionals, etc. Try to explore the physicians and even the hospitals in that area. Ensure that they have a proper license as well as credentials so that they are treating the residents in a proper way.


There are various factors that go into finalizing the best senior care homes. The above-mentioned tips are highly effective and beneficial in taking the right decision. The personal tour helps you to take an unbiased decision and allows you to see the assisted living community through your own eyes.

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