What are the levels of care with assisted living, are there different levels of care? There are many different levels of senior care in assisted living homes, it depends on what your parent needs.

The levels of care can be personalized and totally customizable, the level of care will also depend on the community, and it is completely different from the level of care of a caregiver.

Each senior will have their own senior care plan when they enter an assisted living home. This senior care plan will determine the level of care that your loved one will receive.

The Senior Care Plan Will Determine The Levels of Care in Assisted Living Facilities

The first thing to determine the level of care that your loved one will need, they will have their own senior care plan to assess their mobility, motor skills, and any other medical conditions. The best way to do the evaluation is when a nurse will visit your parent in their home, so they are comfortable in their environment.

Nurses from the assisted living home can also visit the parent in the hospital if they are there if they are recovering from an operation or for any reason why they are in hospital. The nurse can sit in a physical therapy session, to get a good idea of your parent’s overall condition.

The nurse will complete the questionnaire with the family and will ask about all of your parent’s conditions, such as diabetes, oxygen therapy, and any other chronic conditions, so it will be easier to determine the level of care that they will require.

Once the senior care plan is done, it is easier to understand the level of care that is needed, sometimes the family is unaware of what is really wrong, this will all be done within the recommendations of the National Council On Aging guidelines.

Levels of Care For Seniors

Each assisted living home will have its own level of care, some will have 3 or 4 different levels, and some other senior communities will have 5 or 6, all with their own definition of what is needed.

The different levels of care will depend on how much attention your parent will need, basic assisted living help with washing, bathing, toileting, and other daily activities are the lowest levels. The higher levels will include more memory care for dementia, and Alzheimer’s.

Levels of care with assisted living
The levels of care with assisted living

Reevaluating Assisted Living Levels of Care

Assisted living homes will regularly reevaluate their residents, as seniors age, their needs become greater. The reevaluations will take into consideration motor skills and all daily activities. Also, the assisted living homes will listen to the families if they family has any concerns.

Periodic testing will make sure that your parent will have the correct senior care plan, and that all of their needs are being met, so they can live a healthy and productive life.

Level of Care Affects Assisted Living Costs

The level of care will affect the cost of assisted living. The greater the assistance the greater the cost, of cause the more attention that your loved one needs, for example for memory care, the more time and attention they will receive.

It is important to know what the different levels of care will cost, so as your loved one ages, you know exactly what kind of care that they will receive, and you will also be aware of the costs too.

When the Level of Care Required Exceeds Assisted Living Facilities

With the aging journey, your loved ones’ health can deteriorate and they might just need to be in a memory care facility or a skilled nursing home, it is important to know what would be the right fit for your loved one.

The late stages of dementia will require much more intensive memory care, some assisted living homes will have separate areas for more extreme memory care issues.

A skilled nursing home will have nurses around the clock, and not all assisted living communities provide this, and all assisted living facilities are regulated, so when a resident needs more care, it is time for the to transfer to a nursing home.

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