Here at Loving Assisted Living, we are always giving you the best information that we can find to help you with your physical health and your mental health, and here we have a fantastic article on ways to improve your mood.

There are multiple factors that will influence our moods every day, and everyone to be in a good mood, but this is not always possible because of outside factors.

Best Ways to Improve Your Mood

Your mood can be affected by your diet, physical activities, the weather, lack of sleep, the time of year, your menstrual cycle, your financial situation, social media, and a multitude of other factors too.
There are some things that we can not control, but there are plenty of things that we can do to influence our mood. we can build u good habits, to help us cultivate our good moods, we have gathered a list of things that you can do to influence your moods.
Some of these ideas are great tips to help you, and some other ideas are backed up by scientific research, but whatever you take from this article, any of these tips are beneficial.
way to improve your mood
The best tips to improve your mood

List Of Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood

  1. Exercise more will improve your mood, there have been studies to show that if you only do one hour of exercise per week, it can prevent depression. The more you exercise the better it is for your blood pressure.
  2. Getting enough sleep, can help you with the quality of your life. Feeling rested is an indicator of feeling good and living well.
  3. Doing outdoor activities, spending time in nature, going for walks, or hikes, will help you physically and mentally, and it will lower stress and the chance of depression.
  4. Keep a journal and write in it what you are grateful for, this will help to reinforce the positive memories, and increase happiness.
  5. Listening to happy and positive music will help your mood.
  6. Laughing is important, laughter will increase dopamine, which is the chemical that increases your moods.
  7. Decluttering your home, clutter can increase the hormone cortisol which is the stress hormone.
  8. Hugging lowers your stress hormone, it will increases the hormone oxytocin, which promotes a sense of well-being.
  9. petting a dog or a cat can reduce the hormone cortisol, the stress hormone.
  10. Eating Omega 3 fatty acids can alleviate depression and other mood disorders.
  11. look back on each day and remember the good things that happened, this will promote positive feelings.
  12. Practice breathing slowly and deeply is will tell your nervous system to calm down.
  13. Doing puzzles will release dopamine.
  14. Drinking coffee has been shown to lower the risk of depression.
  15. Sitting in the sun, the vitamin D from the sun has been shown to lower emotional stress.
  16. Smile, it will tell your brain to feel happy.
  17. Smell some lavender, as it will help the brain to relax, it can lower agitation and aggression.
  18. The smell of fresh-cut grass is a stress relief.
  19. The smell of citrus can lower anxiety.
  20. Chewing gum can reduce cortisol the stress hormone.
  21. Eating some chocolate will give you a boost of endorphins with resveratrol.
  22. Doing yoga will reduce stress.
  23. Eating vitamin C from fruits and vegetables will create neurotransmitters to regulate your moods.
  24. Eating the Mediterranean diet has been shown to lower the risk of depression.
  25. Stop using Facebook, it hurts our mental well-being.
  26. Having a massage will increase serotonin levels.
  27. Sitting up straight will alleviate stress and depression.

We hope that these practical tips can help you to improve or control your moods. These are tips that are easy for you to do, and will take little effort, but can have big results.

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