Weight loss in seniors can be a sign of serious health problems with seniors, if your parents have serious weight loss it can be very worrisome.

Sudden weight loss for seniors may be a sign of serious underlying health issues, according to the National Institute on Aging, 5 % weight loss in a month for seniors is considered a problem.

Seniors who suffer sudden weight loss can lose the ability to perform their daily activities, such as bathing, toileting, and getting dressed.

With sudden weight, loss seniors will suffer fatigue, and there is a greater concern of them falling and seriously hurting themselves.

In some cases, extreme weight loss can cause some memory issues, and cognitive ability, it can also alter their moods with too much sugar, moving to an assisted living facility is a good way to manage the senior’s weight, and help them to live as healthy as possible.

Some of the health consequences of sudden senior weight loss are:

Causes For Weight Loss With Seniors

Rapid weight loss in seniors is usually a sign of an underlying medical condition, so it is important not to ignore it, some condition that is associated with senior weight loss is cancer, as it can affect the appetite, and dementia can also affect the appetite and eating habits, or depression.

Other factors may also affect a senior’s eating habits, which might cause sudden weight loss, such as taking too much medication or multiple medications.

Also if the senior’s mobility is limited, if they are having dental issues, loneliness, not receiving enough care, and alcoholism, these are all factors why a senior could also hurt a senior’s eating habits.

Gradual Weight Loss As We Age

After the age of 70, seniors should expect to lose less than half a pound every year, so gradual weight loss is expected as we age, but if the weight loss is extreme, that is not natural.

As we age it is normal for our body water level, muscle and fat will all decrease as we age, but this is only in small increments over time.

Weight loss is considered dangerous if the senior is losing 10 pounds per month, extreme and noticeable weight loss needs to be checked.

senior weight loss
Weight loss with seniors

Track Weight Loss in Seniors

As soon as you notice unnatural weight loss in your loved one, it is important to visit their doctor, early detection is important to find out what is causing their weight loss.

If cancer is the cause of weight loss, then early treatment can be a lifesaver. When they visit their doctor for the exam, it will help to rule out other causes for the weight loss.

Tracking and staying on top of the weight of your loved ones, and making sure that they are eating enough food, is the best way to catch any early signs of illness, so you can prevent them from causing more damage.

Senior Eating Habits

It is recommended that you weigh your loved one twice a week, and it is also recommended to keep a journal of eating habits and their weight, and sometimes a short term stay in an assisted living facility can help the senior to regain the weight.

Keeping a journal of your loved ones eating habits will help your doctor understand what is going on, it can also help you to see the full picture too. the journal will help track their calorie intake and track any weight loss.

The food journal can also help the doctor if hyperthyroidism or Malabsorption Syndromes. The more information the better, and the journal will paint the whole picture if it is done accurately, and is detailed. It will need to be detailed on calorie intake, weight, and appetite.

In the food journal, it is important to let your doctor know if your loved one is suffering from dementia, depression, or isolation, as this can have an effect on their weight loss.

In the journal, it is also good to keep track of all of the prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that they are taking, this could also be affecting their appetite, it is also good practice to know exactly what they are taking.

Tracking Weight Loss With Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living and memory care facilities and all senior care facilities will track your loved ones’ daily calorie intake, and weigh them and check their vitals consistently.

Senior living communities can offer different services depending on the needs of the senior, with assisted living facilities, the staff members have a close relationship with the residents, and they will notice big changes in eating habits or rapid weight loss.

in assisted living communities there are trained staff around the clock, so these trained professionals are able to handle and take care of all of the residents, as the seniors are in a home that is designed for them and their needs.

Meal Management In Assisted Living

All assisted living homes will have meal management plans, medical management, health monitoring, and social interaction to give the resident a safe and fulfilling life.

Assisted living homes will catch the early warning signs of senior weight loss, the staff will notice if the resident is depressed, and withdraws socially, or no longer wants to live.

The trained professionals will also know if the resident is constipated, which can be a problem with seniors, this is caused when the diet is lacking in the required nutrients and the best brain foods for seniors.

In an assisted living home the staff will see if there is a loss of appetite, and can assess the situation quickly, living in an environment that is focused on the health of your loved ones, is a great way to keep them safe.

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