What does assisted living provide for seniors?  Seniors who can still have some independence are important, and the fear of them losing it is a great worry.

Most seniors want to remain living in their own homes, but the reality is that for them to live in their own homes, is no longer safe or practical for them to do so.

Assisted living homes allow seniors to still maintain their independence, but they will get the help and the support that they need with their activities of daily living.

Senior care has different names in different states, but if it is called senior residential care, personal care, or assisted living, they all provide the same service, to support its residents, and enjoy their independent living in a controlled environment.

What Does Assisted Living Provide?

Assisted living will provide seniors with the supervision and care that they need to live independently in a residential setting.

Senior care homes provide their residents with a higher level of support, provides them with a healthy lifestyle, and provide an engaging social life.

Some assisted living facilities do provide memory care, these residents are usually separated, as they require a higher level of supervision and have greater needs.

Assisted living homes will provide medical management, for thoughts who need it. It will provide help with using the bathroom, help with bathing, help with getting dressed, and overall grooming.

Housekeeping is provided for all of its residents, along with laundry service too. All of the meals are also included, even if there are special dietary restrictions.

what does assisted living provide
What does assisted living to provide?

Transportation is also provided, when the residents need to visit their doctors, or if they want to go shopping or go on a field trip.

There are multiple different social programs and social activities that are included in the assisted living home, to keep all of the residents engaged and social.

The staff members are available 24 hours a day, so if there is an emergency, they will be taken care of, or if the senior needs some support, the trained staff members can help them.

All residents will receive a wellness assessment when they move into an assisted living home, so the home will know what the individual’s health plan should be.

What Assisted Living Doesn’t Provide

Assisted living facilities do not provide full-time care from specially trained medical personnel, nursing homes, or skilled nursing homes that will provide this level of care.

Seniors who do require a higher level of medical care will require skilled nursing care, extended care, or long-term care.

Supportive services will provide care for seniors who are developmentally challenged seniors, but the type of care is similar to assisted living facilities.

What Are Activities of Daily Living?

The most common reason for a senior to move into an assisted living home is when senior needs help with activities of daily living.

Most seniors will need help with some sort of daily activity.

Studies have shown that most seniors will need help with the following activities for daily living, 64% of all seniors will need help with bathing, 57% will need help with walking, 48% will need help with getting dressed, 40% will need help with toileting, 29% will need help with bed transfers, and only 19% will need help to eat.

Assisted living homes will provide all of the help and care that a senior will need, here at Loving Assisted Living, we will help you to find the right location for your loved one, and we will help you to take all of the guesswork out of looking for the right home.

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