What is assisted living is a question that is often asked, and we will explain what it is, and how it can help your loved one.

Assisted living is a type of senior care that is in a residential setting, it provides the type of personal care which includes meals, housekeeping, and assistance with daily living activities.

The main assistance that assisted living communities to provide are bathing, toileting, getting dressed, and eating.

With assisted living, you will also get other lifestyle services such as transportation, events, and social activities, and some homes also have a hair salon and a barbershop.

 Assisted Living?

Assisted living is for seniors who just need some help with their everyday activities, such as getting dressed, going to the toilet, or getting in and out of bed. It is for seniors who still want and can live independently, but just need a little help.

Assisted living homes are good for seniors who need help with their day-to-day tasks, but they do not need consistent medical care.

With senior care homes, the seniors can get as much or as little help that they need, the homes are designed to still give the resident as much independence as possible.

The staff is available around the clock, so there is always a trained professional on hand to help with the resident’s needs or any emergency situations.

How Assisted Living Works

One of the most important things with assisted living is that the seniors will live in a safe environment, with no trip hazards, in a home that is designed for their needs.

Assisted living communities are great for seniors who do not require 24-hour health care or supervision, but for seniors who do need help with their personal care on a regular basis.

If you are looking into a retirement home, they are not ideal for everyone, they might not fit your personal needs.

The benefits of senior living communities are that there is 24-hour staff on hand, and that allows the residents to live independent lives.

Will Assisted Living Homes Take Dementia Patients?

Will assisted living homes to take dementia patients? Yes, most assisted living homes will take dementia patients, but if they do require full-time attention because dementia has progressed, they will probably recommend that you choose a different type of home.

Assisted living homes are designed for seniors who can still live an independent life, but just need some help with their daily activities, and who want to live in a safe environment.

Senior Care Homes

Assisted living homes do not provide high-level medical care, there are always staff members on-site to help with emergencies.

Some homes will also offer memory care as part of their community, so if your loved one is suffering from any dementia, they can help.

All senior communities are secure and safe, as they will all have controlled access, so they will know at all times, who is coming and going, and will all have their own security.

what is assisted living
What is assisted living?


When seniors are living at home, they can become lonely, but in the assisted living communities there is a built-in social life, with many opportunities to meet and socialize with other seniors.

According to mentalhelp.net socialization is very important to all seniors, and it helps to keep their minds sharp.

Social interaction is always important, and field trips, social parties, exercise programs, movie nights, and other social gatherings, make life in an assisted living home fun.

Seniors can enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle with no household tasks to do, as the home will handle all of the meals, housekeeping, and any maintenance that the home needs.

What Assisted Living Provides

What assisted living provides is an environment for seniors to still live independently, and enjoy their golden years, without the additional stress of homeownership.

Assisted living will provide help to all of the residents with their daily activities, senior living with help with toileting, and any other personal activities that are needed.

Can Assisted Living Administer Insulin?

Your senior care living home will be able to administer insulin and medications to all of its residents. The senior home will provide all of the medical support for all diabetic needs and any other medical needs.

Which Assisted Living Facility?

Which will be the right assisted living facility for you and your loved one? That can depend on many different factors.

For some people it is all about location, they want to be close to their loved ones, so that they can visit every day, or as often as possible.

The cost of assisted living can also be a major factor, as some facilities are more expensive than others and some cities or states are more expensive. Some seniors have moved to different states, just because of the cost.

Choosing A Senior Care Home

Choosing the right senior living home will come down to many different factors, we are here to help you through the process and will select some assisted living communities, that will fit into your criteria.

Once you have selected a few homes that you like, it is important to schedule a tour, so that you can see the home, and get a better feeling if it would be the right fit.

Correct Time For Senior Care

When the time is right to find the right senior care home, here at Loving Assisted Living, we are here to help you to find the right home, we have a nationwide network of senior living locations.

We will help to remove the stress from finding the right home for your loved one, and we will help to make the transition from a private residence to a care facility as smooth as possible.

After reading this article we hope that you are a little better informed, and we are here for you and will get you the assisted living home that you will be happy with.

Now that you know what a senior living home is, and if the time is right for your loved one to transition into one, let us be there for you and your family.

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