Who needs assisted living? We will go through a few signs when it might be the right time for senior assisted living.

When seniors are having a difficult time doing their daily activities, such as bathing, getting dressed, toileting, or even cooking, these basic activities some seniors need help with.

If you are wondering who can live in assisted living homes, they are designed to take care of seniors, who can still maintain their independence, but will still need help with daily activities.

Who Qualifies For Assisted Living?

The AARP said that more than 70 million American senior citizens have at least one chronic medical condition, such as heart disease or some form of dementia.

Senior health will deteriorate as they get older, which makes it more difficult to take care of themselves. Also, medical emergencies will increase.

Senior falls are a major problem, and most seniors never fully recover if they fall and hit their head. They can suffer major brain injuries, and their quality of life will go downhill fast.

The death rate has also risen from senior falls over the past decade, when seniors are living at home, the chances of them falling are far greater than when they are living in assisted living homes.

Who Is Assisted living Appropriate For?

Seniors as they age do not have the ability to keep up with their financial responsibilities, bills can pile up and go unpaid. Some seniors do not have the mental capacity to pay them anymore.

If a senior has some form of dementia, this will make it impossible for them to handle paying any bills or taxes.

Seniors who need some memory care are vulnerable to being scammed. Many seniors are unable to keep up with their financial responsibilities.

When Is Assisted Living Needed?

Assisted living is needed when a senior is living alone and needs help with their daily activities, they can still live somewhat independently.

The family may decide that it is safer for them to be living in a structured environment, and they are worried about them being home alone.

Assisted living is needed when a loved one has fallen, and their home is no longer safe for them to live in. This is when seniors should move to assisted living facilities.

It is best not to wait too long for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility, as the longer they are home alone, the greater the risk that they will hurt themselves, and no one will be there to help them.

who needs assisted living
Who needs assisted living?


According to the U.S. Census, more than 11 million Americans live alone, and loneliness and isolation can seriously affect a senior’s health.

With loneliness or isolation, seniors no longer participate in many activities, and some seniors do not want to leave their homes.

This type of isolation can lead to depression, it might be some form of dementia, and the seniors feel that there is no sense of purpose in their lives.

With loneliness, some seniors can also develop alcoholism, drug addiction, or chain-smoking, with seniors living an isolated life, their choices or mindset can become negative, and they no longer wish to live.

Untidy Home

An untidy home may be a sign that a senior should no longer live in their home, also if the home smells. Some seniors are just not physically or mentally able to clean their homes anymore.

If their fridge is full of old food or spoiled food, or leftover food from restaurants, these are signs that your loved ones can no longer cook or care for themselves.

With your loved ones’ home that is odorous and untidy, these are clear signs that your loved one should no longer live alone.


If you notice that your loved one still has the ability to take care of themselves, but is not motivated to do so, it is probably the best title for assisted living.

Poor hygiene which can include messy appearance, or worse, bad orders, are signs that bathing or showering is not happening often enough.

If they are wearing dirty clothes, this is a sign that they can no longer do their laundry, or that they no longer think about doing the laundry.

Who Should Be in Assisted Living?

We have broken down who assisted living is for and who should be living in one, but ultimately it is the choice of the family to do what is best for their loved one, and make sure that they are living in an environment that is safe, and fulfilling.

When you think that it is time for assisted living, you can contact Loving Assisted Living, we will help you to find a home for your loved one.

Seniors start to become frail the older they get, and without the proper nutrition, they will look skinnier and thinner, with assisted living they will get a balanced diet to keep them strong.

Assisted living homes, can also provide memory care for seniors who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimers.

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